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Repatriation of deceased person to Argentina

Updated date: 05/01/2012

Repatriation of deceased person to Argentina


This Consulate does not issue permits for repatriation of a deceased person to Argentina.

Family members must coordinate the shipment with the funeral home and the airline as they must know the rules on international transport of corpses.

Please note that the Argentine Government is not responsible for transportation costs of cadavers or ashes.


Please see below the list of requirements for the repatriation of a deceased person to Argentina:


A) Documentation required for transportation of corpses:

- 2 certified death certificates with the seal of Apostille Stamp

- A certificate noting that the person did not suffer from contagious diseases, granted by the local health authority

- A funeral certificate stating that the body has been prepared in accordance with the international transport regulations and placed in an impervious coffin.


b) Documentation required for the carriage of human ashes:

            - 2 certified death certificates with the seal of the Apostille Stamp

- A cremation certificate, issued by the crematorium stating the name of the diseased person and that the urn only contains human ashes


All the above mentioned documents must bear the Apostille Stamp processed in the DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs of Australia), please see the DFAT offices listed at the end of this e-mail.

This Consulate does not need to intervene these documents; they should be submitted directly to the airline.

However, the original birth certificate should be presented to this Consulate to register in the book of the civil status registry; also, the ID documents of the diseased person should be returned to the issuers entities.


Current regulation: Resolution 2005/1968.


Kind regards,

Registrar of Birth, Deaths & Marriages: phone 1300 369 367.

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