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Trade and Investment

Updated date: 17/02/2012

Our mission:

  • Promote argentine exports of goods and services of high added value.
  • Encourage the incorporation of a growing number of enterprises to foreign trade.
  • Generate and disseminate information of commercial interest to companies, expanding and improving the collection of such information and seeking greater transparency in its dissemination to the export sector.
  • Encourage foreign direct investment, spreading the opportunities in various sectors of the economy.
  • Coordinate the actions of foreign trade policy between this representation and other public and private foreign trade partners to make better use of available human and financial resources.
  • The prime objective of the Commercial Area of the Consulate General of Argentina in Sydney, is to assist the Argentine businessmen who want to enter the Australian market with their products, conduct market intelligence to identify niches that are accessible to Argentinian products, promote investments in Argentina, by establishing business complementation agreements and bilateral trade in all fields.

In order to assist the Argentine businessmen in achieving the objectives, we use the following means:

1.1 .- Identification of business opportunities

A specific demand for an Argentine product, individualized in this market. The staff of the Commercial Section, conduct frequent searches of businessmen interested in purchasing export products supplied by our country, and also contact companies that are importing, from other places, Argentinian re-exported products. By locating the concerned businessman, he is made aware of the potential of our producers in terms of capacity to directly export the product. Sometimes the team receive orders from businesses interested in importing, and are incorporated immediately in the Commercial Opportunities system so Argentine companies can meet this request without delay. In the Business Opportunity shows: the name of the required product, the tariff position, quantity and technical specifications and identifies the foreign business that requests it. In contact with potential importers, you are encouraged to provide as much as possible the specifications regarding the product you require. Then our team bring to the attention of Argentine exporters these opportunities, to allow the contact to be performed by those best able to meet the needs of the Australian importer.

With this information the Argentine exporter can make its offer directly to the applicant and enter into negotiations with it.

The current commercial opportunities generated by this office are available on the website

1.2 .- Distribution of the exportable offer

Argentine firms often want an active role in foreign trade and do not expect that a business opportunity simply arises. In these cases, one of the means by which we can help is through the dissemination of the exportable product concerned. Unlike the business opportunities in which the importer demand for a commodity that can be exported from Argentina, in this case, the exporter actively offers its products to potential customers.

1.3 Market Profiles

They are summary reports that incorporate the most used elements from market research.

Sometimes, Argentine companies need to know the basic facts of the market for its products, such as: tariff paid by the Argentine product, total imports, main Chambers of Commerce, fairs, and a list of importers. The entire market profiles generated by this Consulate General can be viewed by Argentine companies, for free, through the portal .

1.4 Preparation Business Travel

All Argentine entrepreneurs, either individually or in groups, who possess products marketable in the Australian market, can apply to be assisted by staff of the Commercial Section of this Consulate General in preparing his interview bookings. In general, Australian business program their agenda well in advance. Therefore we suggest that any business trip is prepared with no less than 60 days. Defining a business trip with sufficient notice will allow better preparation, a broader dialogue with the trade office, and clarification of the trip goals and contacts with distributors, importers and agents.

You should prepare the necessary documents and catalogs, identify and contact the appropriate importers, and organize the agenda. In general we will try to make the organization of the agenda an interactive process with the Argentine company, as the entrepreneurs are the ones who are more aware of their potential and goals.

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