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Updated date: 21/02/2012
Tourism in Argentina – Endless possibilities!

The variety of ecosystems that presents the country corresponds to the number of possible activities to be enjoyed. Each town has a range of proposals to the visitor thoroughly enjoying nature’s innermost secrets, as part of landscapes where you never lose the sense of being the first to traverse. Hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking, hydro-speed, 4X4 trips, hang gliding, paragliding, car-sailing, windsurfing, are some of the daily activities that are renewed and multiplied only limited by the imagination and preferences of the tourist.

For all relevant  information about Tourism in Argentina, please go to the official website of the “Secretaria Nacional de Turismo” at: or

Tourism in Buenos Aires

The City of Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the world, a megalopolis with over eleven million inhabitants (including  suburbs). It is also the most elegant and busiest in South America, and that best sums up the diverse and heterogeneous essence of Argentina. Of modern construction and dynamic activity, has managed to preserve old traditions and charming corners. Visitors are fascinated by their environment, the individuality of each of its neighborhoods, the friendly people and wide range of cultural and commercial offerings. Buenos Aires, surrounded by Argentina’s splendid countryside, is the great cosmopolitan doorway to South America. 

The country and its traditions, the sun and the sea, tranquility and adventure, the delta and its mysteries, all is possible in the Province of Buenos Aires. “Estancias” (homesteads) of varied architecture, where you can breath history and “criollo” (creole) customs, amidst the Pampas plains, immersed in the magic of a vast expanse of distant horizons. Miles of sand beaches that are caressed by the Atlantic Ocean, endless sand dunes, secluded beaches, and sophisticated nights. Placid greens, vertigo paragliding and trekking adventure, everything fits in the hills at Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana, which are so distant and different from the Parana River delta, where a myriad of islands also encourage quiet and unexpected adventures. 

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