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Police clearance

Updated date: 09/09/2016

How to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate?

1) Send us an email in order to request an appointment.

2) At the appointment you will be required to fill in forms and also you will have your finger prints taken.

3) After we have collected all this information, the forms will be signed and authenticated.

Whether you are Argentinean or not the next step will vary.

If you are Argentinean then the next step is done by the Consulate General through a special intranet service will Policía Federal Argentina. This format takes between 3 weeks to 8 weeks.

Argentineans have also the possibility of processing their police clearances as described in the next paragraph at the   Ministry of Justice, Security & Human Rights in Buenos Aires. (Ministerio de Justicia, Seguridad y Derechos Humanos – Registro Nacional de Reincidencia). Please check with the institution requesting the police clearance certificate whether you need the Policía Federal or the Ministry of Justice Certificate.


If you are not Argentinean then once all the forms have been signed and authenticated you will be required to complete the following process in order to obtain this certificate.

Upon receiving all the forms from the Consulate General you will be required to send them to someone of trust who resides in Argentina where they will be required to present the documentation to Ministry of Justice, Security & Human Rights. (Ministerio de Justicia, Seguridad y Derechos Humanos – Registro Nacional de Reincidencia). Once this has been done the Ministry of Justice, Security & Human Rights will take around 5 working days to complete the procedures and give you an special code in order to acess your information electronically at their webpage.

If you need a certificate to be issued you will need to give us your personal code. Then we will acess the webpage and prepare a Certificate replicating the information there.

This Consulate part of this service costs will be informed by the time you need to apply.

In same cases the Policia Federal Argentina  Clearance Certificate (but not the Ministry of Justice Certificate)can also be done through us by mail without the need to come to the Consulate General. However for this to be done you must send an email to the Consulate General and we will send you the forms.

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